Mar 27, 2012

Let's play a game.  See if you can guess how many tooth paste caps are clogging up my bathroom sink.*  Person who get the closest gets to come snake my drain.  That's right.  I said it.

*Extra points for knowing what cartoon character was on the tube.

Mar 19, 2012

PapaSee: A Review of "Stinkykids, the Musical"

Another beautiful weekend, another lovely trip to the theatre with MONSTA.  She can be a real pain in the neck when she wants, but the fact remains:  homegirl loves the theatre.  And I love that.  Last week, we journeyed cross town to that wonderful bastion of wealthy, white liberal thought:  the Upper West Side.  The show?  The unfortunately titled STINKYKIDS, THE MUSICAL.  Lucky for us, the show is better than its name.

Read how much better here:


Mar 2, 2012

On Reading to Your Kids...

I don't post a lot other people's work (on this site, I'm the star!), but sometimes, even I can only stand in awe of something I've read.  This is that.  If you've ever thought, "I know reading to my kids is good, but I also hate going to bed angry," this is for you.  Enjoy.  (Mom, if you're reading, I also find his language distasteful.)