Jul 25, 2013

Papa See: The Civil War from TheaterworksUSA

The Civil War

I love theater. And I love that MONSTA loves theater. She's always ready to go, no matter the show. On this day, it was a musical retelling of the war between the states. It's very well performed, and not a bad show. 

And yes, I did almost stand up and cross my heart when they played "Dixie." 

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Jul 11, 2013

A Perfect Song...In Papa's Opinion

Jim James on Letterman. Wow. State of the Art (A E I O U) is the first track off his new solo, and it might be the perfect song. Great composition, a truly nasty groove, and lyrics that matter. No lie: this track has really made me consider my marriage to technology. Am I using it, or the other way around? Worth a think. 

And here, live, it's even better. Jim sliding around, basking in neon, ripping on that 6 strang lightin' bolt. The audience turns into Jim's congregation, and I'll tell you straight up: if church was like this, I'd probably still be going. 

Ol' man Letterman's reaction tells the story. Happy Thursday, Erebody.  

Jul 10, 2013

PS 1: Papa See Some Art

With Hemorrhoid Gate 2013 behind me, I've been itching to burn off a lil' of dis here gut. So Sunday, with WIFE, MONSTA, and MONSTA 2.0 out da house, I grabbed the bike, bolted downstairs (in case they decided to come back), and shot off towards P.S. 1, an outpost of MOMA not far from base camp. As far as museums go, it's very hip, very modern, and not always my cup of tea. But, it's in a gorgeous old public school, and offers two things I'm always in favor of: creativity and free admission. HOORAY for ART! 

Schools have a lot of rooms, which means museums in schools have a lot of rooms that need to be filled. The result is that P.S. 1 is often a mixed bag of great, good, "I get it," and WHA HAPPEN?! Of the current contents (theme: we're totally f'n the planet up, yalls), the most physically impressive piece is this giant wood/skateboard/pool thing by Christine O'Donnell.

It's hard to see, but inside the giant arches are small pools that are open for cooling off bare feet and, hopefully, not much more.

Let's play "Is It Art or Some Kid's NastyAss Undies?"

Other highlights for me are some swell photography by Mitch Epstein, Agnes Denes's "Wheatfield," and a small but impressive exhibition of Ansel Adams (smaller aperture = greater detail...got it...I think.) 

Also worth your time is Meg Webster's koi pond, Dan Attoe's paintings, and Steven McQueen's short but fascinating footage of Lady Liberty ("Static"). I'll also suggest that if you come during a heat advisory, skip the bacteria-party foot pools and head straight for the Cold Room (below), which reminded me of the beer cooler I used to slack off in I worked at Quik Trip

Of course, there's also lots of stuff you'd expect in an SNL sketch about modern art, including a glass encased Evian bottle filled with purple water. But that's par the course, and hardly a reason to skip P.S. 1. 

But lest you think all the good stuff is in museums, on the way home I swung by the new LIC Flea Market, where I bought a very nice, very affordable piece of pottery by the talented and super friendly Bob Bachler. Pay him a visit if you're ever at the market.

And so what that the bike ride home/two-wheel sweat lodge almost killed me? There are worse way to go.