Feb 2, 2013

Looking for Love on the R-Train

Handwritten "personal" found Saturday night on the R-Train from Queens. I PROMISE.

Are you recently out of a relationship and ready to jump back in the dating pool? Maybe just looking for a little adult fun time? If so, I think Papa has found your guy.

DateDating30@gmail.com is on the town and looking for Mrs. Right! If you enjoy things like "cigarette meet dates" and "the aquarium," this may be your fella. And what about "dutch dating," a "cake and ice cream date" or just a quick chat over "soda." You have to admit, this guy is creative. 

Of course, DateDating30 is also cool with "One Nite Stands," but only those that can earn his ALL CAPS Seal of Approval.

Is it risky to go on a blind date with someone you found while riding the R train out of Queens? Sure. Is it really, really possible that this guy is a total Dexter? You betcha! But as writer Chuck Palahnuik says, "The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open."

Well said, sir. Well said.

Location:New York, NY