Sep 7, 2011

Do Something, With Your Kid...NOW!

This is from my birthday.  That's my daughter.  She's a wonderful, loud, always singing, often times screaming, sometimes angry five year old.  We went to the Mets/Cardinals game.  I won't tell you who we were rooting for, but I'll tell you we lost.  I couldn't have cared less.

The point is:  take your kid to do something fun.  It doesn't have to be big time like a ball game in New Yawk.  Try out a local minor league team.  We did as kids.  The Greenville Braves.  On Mother's Day, they gave my mom a carnation.  Or maybe just go to the park.  Or the mall.  Or down the street.  Spend that time with them, because it's sooner rather than later that they won't want to spend it with you.  It's a fate we all face.  Even me, super cool dad supreme.

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