Oct 18, 2011

Baby Name Game: It's Miller Time

We're very close to the end here, and this is one of the finalist:  "Miller Cantrell Roberson." Thoughts?  The kid with three last names.

Now from my research, Miller as a first name is almost never used.  Not that folks haven't tried.  I've run across several baby name message boards, and the decision to use Miller is a hot topic.  Like Iraq war hot.  Folks have taken sides, and frankly, the "No's" have it.  But people who post hard stances on baby name message boards don't have babies; they have cats, so let's call it even.

The reasons for not choosing Miller are obvious.  "It's a last name, idiot.  Not a first." "Everyone will think you named him after a beer."  "Do you really want people constantly shouting, 'It's Miller time' whenever he walks in a room?"  The answer to this last one is clearly...YES!   Who wouldn't want that?  And should he walk into a room where people don't know him, he can yell, "You know what time it is!"

If we use Miller, clearly we are paddling into uncharted territory, but so what?  Wasn't there someone who once said, "Dear, I think Mervin is a great name."  And BAM!  That one kind was named Mervin.

MLK, Jr. Tommy Edison.  Bill Shakespeare.  Dad who calls his kid Miller.  I'd say the "originals have it."

But let's hear it, dear reader.  Does Miller work as a first name, or am I potentially saddling my kid with something just so his future bros will think he's cool?

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